• Melissa is the premier brand in Grendene’s portfolio. Founded in 1971, it is one of the world’s largest shoe manufactures withannual retail revenue of more than US$1billion which was generated from 4,000 points of sale in more than 70 countries.
    — Current melissa in China —

    Grendene grant us Authorized Distributor Right in 2010. Since then large amount of resources and efforts were put into the brand, and great success gets achieved. We treated ‘melissa’ not just a shoe, but as a fashion accessory and a global fashion icon. We opened more than 50 points of sales for ‘melissa’ in less than five years, and most of them are located in top level department stores/shopping malls, such as Beijing SKP, Taikoo Li Sanlitun, andShanghai IAPM, etc. The order quantitymaintained 50% growth rateannually and reached 100,000 pairs per year in the fifth year.

    China's development situation
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